Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Time

I have a confession to make.

For the first time, I lost my virginity last night.

Pulled you!

Nay, for the first time, I followed a futsal tournament in UTP.

It was the ISC Olympics.  So, of course, most of the teams participating were foreigners.  Egyptians, Sudanese, Timor Leste, South Africa, Lybian, Pakistani...
This guy was playing it the wrong way!

Anyway, I saw one of the cutest referees in my life!
Ain't he?
The attire suited him nicely!
Looks like he gets tired too.  Sitting down like 'Don Leno'.
'Yaw, playars, Rilek dulu.  Ni game aje'

Forget bout the referee.  Lets move on to my personal ranking!
Most good looking player
Most fantastic hairstyle (I wonder how he heads the ball?)
Most unique fashion (Apparently, this keeper is trying to color blind the opponent)
Best team - This team is simply awesome.  Great teamwork, great skills, they redefine Futsal.
Best player - Ernesto

Great effort by ISC to organize this tournament.  It really fed my insatiable lust for Futsal.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beauty & The Beast

This is pure beauty.  It is hard to believe there is such a beautiful scenery in my university.  It melted my heart, it still does everytime I look at it.

Awesome, ain't it?

But be prepared for what you are about to see next.
It is an picture filled with obscenity.

Is that guy kissing the monitor???

Anyway, he is one of my good friends in this university.

In my university, there is beauty, yet there is also the beast.
Nonetheless, either beauty or beast, they are both heart melting:)

Monday, March 2, 2009


My final day of February and 1st day of March were practically occupied by this event.  It is a race from checkpoint to checkpoint, well, just that it involves UTP only.  If you watch Amazing Race, you get what I mean.  My team is still the same old faces, me, Han Shen, Jeremy.  We hope to carry the momentum from finishing 2nd in last semester's Electrace.  But...  This Lizard Hunt was way much tougher!

Nonetheless, we met some of the UTP guards along our way.  We always dread to meet these people during ordinary days, because they will catch us for not wearing ID card, inproper attire (especially me and my slippers), and lately, I just had a parking fine from them!
But during the race, we SO WANT TO SEE THEM!  It was one of our tasks to get the signatures of at least 5 of them.
He doesn't seem so happy?  That ain't the way to sign autograph!  Cheer Up!
This was the fourth guard we met, and by then, frankly, we were all tired.  Too tired to smile for the camera.
But this is the last of the five guards we need!  How glad and relieved to see him.  You see, he was just about to drive away in his car when we saw him.  Phewwww!  I ain't gonna chase after his flashing red car if I were one minute late.
Along the way, I saw a very funny notice on the board.  It was a committee recruitment for some event.  Look at condition no.2.  GOOD LOOKING & APPEARANCE!
I laugh my lungs out when I saw it.  People who attended this interview must be as vain as peacock since they think they are handsome or pretty enough.  Oh, for the record, I didn't go for the interview, but my neighbour did!  Haha!
One of the souvenirs from the race.  Well, our ranking is still unknown at the moment.  But it was a tight race.  Top 5 teams might just be separated by 10 minutes.  Not sure if I were gonna get a prize, so I'll just keep this as my souvenir..
I had this car key with me all along the race.  Do you know how tempting it is to ILLEGALLY use my car during the race???
I ran practically almost 20KM in the whole race.  That's like to-and-fro Tronoh twice!
But I resisted the temptation, even though it meant flattening my legs.  The following Monday, I couldn't wake up for the 8AM tutorial.  But no regrets that I joined and I ran and I puffed in the race.
My ugly shoes after the race.  It doesn't look like an Adidas shoes anymore, more like Mud-idas..
Still, no regret!

But I learnt a lot of lessons in the race.
1.  Eat breakfast - I was dying on the first day because I skipped breakfast.  I fasted for almost 15 hours before the race.  I'm glad I ain't 6 feet under now.
2.Trust your teammates - I remember being blindfolded in the first task.  All I could rely on is my teammates.  When Jeremy was blindfolded while throwing water bags, I supposed he trusted me too.  That was why his first throw was too far because I said "Throw as far as you can".  Besides that, we went to wrong stations a couple of times, which cost us 20 mins, but it was a team decision, we went down together.
3.  Never give up - Remember how tempting the car key was when it was in my pocket throughout the race, but I didn't use it.  And also when you ran all the way but to the wrong station, best is pick yourself up and get things right.
4.  Appreciate the presence of security guards - You know I don't mean this!

Monday, February 2, 2009

X-treme Baby Cart

This the coolest baby cart I have ever seen!

Looks ordinary?
It's a baby cart that can survive in extreme challenge!
And it only costs RM119.00..
Maybe Steve grew up in it as a baby...

Anyway, thought of this great man now, I would like to pay a tribute to him.
'Hye Mate, What a Beauuuuuuty You Had Been To Us'

Stephen Robert Irwin - "The Crocodile Hunter" 
(22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006)

Once Upon A Time in KL...

I happened to be in Pavilion when it was celebrating its 1 year-old anniversary.  Pavilion?  1 year old?  I'm actually 18 years older than it???  Damn...

Seems like it's gonna celebrate its birthday for a month!
I'll be shocked to death if there is a human who celebrates his birthday for a month.  It means he must have stuck in his mum's womb for a month during his birth!
Thus, a month birthday's'.

Ooooh!  There was a cool promotion during its 1 year birthday!
Plenty of prizes were given off in red packets.  Gift bags, jewellery set, and the first prize is 5-day-4-night all expense paid trip to Dubai!
I arrived slightly later than 1pm..  If not, I would have tried it myself!
You know, Malaysian mentality is that people have already queued up before it was even 12.30PM!

Had the chance to meet this super model, even though I do not know her name.
She seemed gloomy, is it because the guys at the back were looking at the prizes instead of her?
Poor model.......

Yum Yum!  Those gift bags!

Happy birthday, Pavilion!

If you are a dead sleeper, this might just be the one for you!

In UTP, people always find it hard to wake up, thus, missing lectures.  This might just help you if you're one of them!

This alarm clock rings as loud as the fire alarm!  I was sleeping in my friend's room once when I was awaken by it, thinking it was a fire drill.  And yes, I WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM THINKING OF EVACUATION BEFORE's just the alarm clock ringing.

Believe in its power now?  Try it, and you won't miss another 8AM lecture.

Warning: "What happens to foods in V6"

Before you bring your food to the infamous Metana block in V6, you might wanna think twice about doing that.

Can you smell it??
This is the best part.  Chicken fross!

Realizing how all of the containers seem to be emptying?
it was full when they entered UTP.  But in just a matter of 1 hour, this is what happened to them!

So play your part today.  Save the food from harm, keep them away from the vultures in Metana.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It MATTERS How You Use a Public Toilet

A lesson to those who are doing hanky-panky things in the public toilet all the times.  

You might think it is all right, but for Malaysian public toilet operator, it MATTERS!

I've been wondering how much it would cost me if first pee, then poop, and finally use its toilet roll.  Seems like operating a public toilet ain't that bad after all $$$

What I Saw In Malacca

Admiral Cheng Ho was indeed a man of legacy.  Finding history facinating, I visited his museum in Malacca last December.  I think I might have found out more legacy than he was supposed to leave behind.

Did you manage to find where his additional legacy was resting? 

Take a closer peep......

I think you're almost there......

YES!  That's it!
I'm baffled by what that is under his armpit.  But it certainly shouldn't be there.  Poor admiral, now you might be famous for all the wrong reason - "The Extraordinary Armpit of the Seven Seas"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year! What To Look Forward To in 2009!

Don't call it New Year Resolution.  Because if I don't stick to my resolution, I'll feel disappointed.  So lets not call it resolution to begin with.  Let's just say......I'm hopeful to achieve it.

1)Watch Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix
Gonna be my first time into Sepang.  Always watch the races in TV.  But catching a real glimpse of it will be a lifetime experience.
All out to support Ferrari.  Supported them since 1999, whether they are champions or not...
Ever since Michael Schumi retired, I turned my attention to Ice- Cool Kimi..

2)Manchester United coming to Town!
United decide to come to Malaysian again this July, despite the adverse reception they got two years ago.  Once in a lifetime opportunity too to see them.  Supported them since young, for like 15 years.  Since the day of Eric Cantona til Wayne Rooney, I've seen the players in the club come and go, but never really see them playing real time in front of my eyes..
I'm hopeful they would come next July as champions again...
My favourite Devil- Giggs.  He's been with many players down the years, including Robson, Keane, Cantona, Hughes, Beckham, Sheringham, Rooney, Ronaldo, you name it!
Arguably my favourite personality in MU!  Laid back, low profile, does the talking with his boots on the pitch...
Wayne Rooney!  Well, not the most gifted or talented in the world, but the most combative player I've seen since Roy Keane.  Anticipating him to kick and punch his way through the Malaysian porous defence!

3)  Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Remember her?

We have something more now!  Isabel Lucas will star in Transformers 2 in an unnamed role to date.  She's definitely HOT.  I don't remember the 80s cartoons having that many hot chicks!
I really love the movie.  So cool...
so majestic,
just pure joy!

4)  Another movie to look forward to, The Watchmen.
I'm not sure how Watchmen will turn out to be.  The trailer looks cool, but in movies, it's hard to tell just by its trailer.  Remember 'Twilight'?  At least there was Kristen Stewart to see in that movie.  But a group of heroes in rubber suit??? Nonetheless, worth trying to watch.

5)Another of my favourite superhero comes to life!
Gambit!!!  Played by Taylor Kitsch in the upcoming X-Men 4.  I always wondered why he was never part of the first trilogy.  Well, at least the director knows now that Gambit draws the crowd in!
Oh yeah, X-Men 4 tells you the origin of Wolverine, just if you might wanna know.

6)  Barack Hussein Obama
All right, I think he brings fresh change, not only to America, but the whole world.  I'm looking forward to see what he can do for the world, in the midst of this bowl of favourite morning crunch....

7)Red Cliff 2
I hardly watch a Mandarine film my whole life.  So when my UTP friends told me that Red Cliff was worth it, I gave it a try.  After all, it's John Woo!  And I'M SO LOVING IT!  
Tells the story of The Three Kingdom, the movie is beautifully crafted.  And it really, I mean seriously, got me hooked to Chinese History.  Can't wait to see how the battle ends!

8)Terminator : Salvation
I know, I know, I look forward to too much movies.  But that's my hobby.  Another interesting movie I look forward to is Terminator Salvation.  All right, no Arnold, but in comes Christian Bale.  Of course we cannot expect another Chris Nolan Batman flicks, but still, Terminator might well upstage the Dark Knight!
Whole new casts for the reboot Terminator
Since when machine looks so ugly???